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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
I've never had anyone ever check out my rig or ask a single question about my equipment. it's always assumed as I would assume if in contact with an LCO they have the proper equipment or they won't take on the job I have for them.

in fact most snow removal estimates I give over the phone. the one service I can do over the phone because most people have similar sized driveways.
I can't do that. A driveway can be about anything where I am. I need to see the property and see where the hazards and push zones are. In fact, once storm warnings are up I close my plow list. The only exceptions I'll make are for lawn care customers that I don't usually plow for or a neighbor or something. The last time I went against that the towing bill to get me out of the ditch was twice what I got paid for the driveway. And what the hell is with people putting a big rock at each corner of their driveway apron?
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