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Originally Posted by LDH View Post
You have a point Explain the Blue Locktite and what's the story on the pump? I know you didn't just buy that pump new for almost $600 and just decide to sell it and lose $200 on it. Did you upgrade to a bigger one or did you buy it from someone else who got into a money crunch? It's not really any of my business, and I wouldn't think anything of it if it was used. But who would buy a brand new one and then sell it at a loss? I'm interested in it.

Blue Locktite is used on the coupler bolts between the engine and the pump. It is removable. DO USE RED Locktite as it IS NOT removable. Locktite is great for anywhere there is any kind of vibration and is a standard in that type of industry.
I bought two (2) of these pumps. It was a mistake as I ordered over a Holiday weekend. I did not receive any kind of confirmation and then ordered again thinking that there was a glitch in my computer. Well, I received both and did pay whatever the price was. Then thinking that I would need a spare in case one went down. Has never happened and one is still in the box with booklet and all.
Hypros are great pumps. I have several types as I do a lot of stuff such as spray orchards, fields, and lawns. We have a roller pumped mounted on a moveable surface that is used to fill barrels with water from a creek when spraying fields, fences, orchards, etc.
Anyway great pump. My skid sprayer has the Honda 5HP from Northern Tools.
If you've never used a Diaphragm Hypro Pump, they use non-detergent oil which has a sight glass (Weirglass) that you observe when operating.

Let me know if you want this one as I'm putting it on Ebay in the spring.
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