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Originally Posted by Raymond S. View Post
Perhaps the dark green lines are the center of the spreader. IF the product is tacky, or the humidity is high, the material is sticking on the spinner too long and hitting the backside of the unit making it fall straight down. Or it could be adjusted wrong to where it's intentionally being dropped too far in on the spreader and doesn't have enough time to get off the spinner before it makes a revolution before 3&9 (without hitting the machine.)
Looks more like unintended overapplication rather than improper overlap. It's a pretty thin line. If you look at the first picture the dark green line starts close to the sidewalk on the right, pretty much where he would be doing a perimeter pass.
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I know I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but when I see those thin green stripes one of two things happened IMO.
Like Raymond stated, it seems like if this was from fert then the spreader had a problem and was dumping fert straight down.
If the grass was already green then it would be from the pesticide being applied with too wide of spacing and missing a strip.
It seems to me though that the green stripes seem to be the same width everywhere, so I am going to say fert was falling straight down.
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