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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
If they were applying in those conditions I can only assume it was for the money and not overall health of the lawn.

I'm in NC and I stop applying on fescue during the hot weather June-August. Only apply fungicides for brown patch. When it's in the 90s all the time I don't take the chance of burning the lawn. I state that upfront in my program. I have thought about milorganite or other organic around May, but experts say not to apply fert in the heat.

My warm season gets apps during the summer for fert and thanks to celcius I don't worry about the heat. Still keep an eye on rain though. Many summers I have to stop or delay a round until some good rain arrives.
I totally agree with you!

I guess at the end of the day...there are very few years that it rains here in the summer and even if it does our lawns are still dormant off and on. There is no way other then a very wet summer that a person can apply more then 5 fertilizer apps. I would say atleast 70% of our customers take 4 apps and their lawns are awesome. Yeah you can "add" as many apps as you want to put on lime, gypsum or spot spray ect...but are you truely improving the customers lawn with those apps?

Especially in a drought?
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