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These threads seem to pop up every fall, and you will get almost as many different theories as you will posters. None of my equipment, except for the blowers, generally gets started from around the middle to end of November until towards the end of March. I add Sta-Bil to everything, including my mix starting a week or two before the end of the season, so it is completely through the system. I also top off the gas in all the tanks before storage, adding the appropriate amount of Sta-Bil to the fresh gas introduced into the mower tanks. My equipment is stored inside, but in an unheated space.

I've never experienced a problem, and can't imagine messing with going out once a month fueling everything up and running it until it is dry. I'd worry more about the batteries losing charge than I would problems with fuel system. I have an old Stihl chainsaw I bought about 20 or 25 years ago. It has set as long as two years at a time without starting, because I seldom have a need to use it. If I think of it, I add stabilized mix to it, but more often I don't even think about it. Sometimes it is a little hard to start. I might have to pull it a dozen times to get it going, but it has never failed to start, and, if I recall correctly, I've only had it in the shop one time in all those years.

If you were storing something for years, I can see going through all the draining of fuel, oil in the cylinders, etc, but for the few months most of don't use our equipment, I think it is a total waste of time.
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