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Grasshopper 718K help!

Have the opportunity to get a Grasshopper 718K for very cheap if not free. I agree with most that free is a good thing. Usually.

Grasshopper Front mount deck
Model 718K
Serial 305162

Has a new engine on it, but I was told the rest of it may be slightly worn out. I was looking it over and noticed right away the lack of tension the blade deck belt had...then found a broke spring for tensioner (easy fix). The body and frame is in good shape. Only thing that I think could need replaced eventually is a hydro pump which is an expensive unit, but I have someone I found that could get me a good deal on parts. So besides replacing fluids, filters, belts, and worst case scenario a pump, I think Id be ahead of the game to get me a good piece of equipment and fix up without aquiring debt.

Now hoping anyone can throw any info at me, dont know much about this model. Definately interested to know what speeds it is capable of going. It is an older model, believe it is from 1993. Any help is appreciated! Pic will be soon if it loads for me.
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