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Sorry hit submit before I was done!! Ill give them 5 days or less to complete those lawns. If they seem to handle those 20 okay make them "full" time with 30- 40 per week. As far as quality before and after photos sent to my phone after every cut. To me per cut instead of per hour eliminates the lazy ones who milk the clock loading and unloading smoking and talking on cellphones etc... they set there own schedule as long as they get all properties done. If they don't complete there work on time or bad quality for say three weeks they are cut back or cut off! Whats your thoughts?
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A pest control company in our area was paying a technician solely based on commision from each account he serviced. Unknown to management, this employee was keeping a detailed log book of all his job activities that was related to his job but could not be tied to a particular account ( picking up chemicals from supply house, washing service vehicle, etc.). Needless to say, after he was fired (did things on purpose to get fired), the pest control company received a letter from an attorney requesting back pay for this employee plus attorney fees. It cost them six figures to settle.
I would submit paying your employees minimum wage for all time at work PLUS a commission based on billable work. This would reward the gogetters and the lazy ones would get acceptable pay. I would definitely require a certain minimum done each day or you would have grounds to replace them.
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