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I did find a sample business plan last night and edited most of it to suit me but I don't plan on getting a loan. smart saving and between taxes and if i ever need to do it again i can use the title loan thing again. My house bills are taken care of from his job, so what ever i made doing the lawn care is "free money" so to speak. But if i do ever need more than what i have for repairs or new equipment before i can get a bunch saved up i can always get a title loan which is what i did to get the trailer, i am paying that off with my income taxes and getting more equipment so if for some reason i do need it this year i can always do that again. and why would i need an investor? isn't that soemone who gives me a big check and gets back a certain percentage of the company? I don't have the need for something like that. I plan to keep it some what small but yet big enough to be a decent size business. Only staying local, and doing general lawn maintenance maybe some day get into the design part of it but i don't know about that part of it yet
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