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Originally Posted by EARTH5 View Post
i have a 2002 walker model t with 25 hp kohler/ carburator. the machine ran fine and we washed her then serviced for the winter.. (oil,filters , grease etc.) well we started it after service and put it in the enclosed trailer.. 2 days later it will not start.. plenty of fuel getting to plugs but no spark... i have tried all of the switches with new ones , the relay i put new and the circuit breaker.. also i tried a new key switch... i am stumped as it ran great putting it in trailer... any ideas??
could be the ignition relay (relay B) or a faulty ignition switch
I would disconnect the ground wire (white wire) on each coil and see if it starts.
It is easy to do and will let you know if the coils are good. If she fires up, then I would look at the relay or the swich

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