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Originally Posted by makktruck View Post
Exmark X-Series Lazer Z or Scag Turf Tiger? Can't decide between the two.
Dang this is a good one.. I personaly like the Exmark better but the Scag TT is just as good both being probably the best out on the market today... Alot of people complain of the Exmarks cut not being the best but i find it to be really good, and those same people say the velocity deck on the TT is the best as far as no clumping wet grass or speading the grass clippings evenly. I think it's silly, wet grass does one thing good and that's clump or stick together no matter what your're mowing with.. Period.. I think four or five years ago Scag might have been better but the new Exmarks got em beat i think.. IMO the Exmark is just the better of the two, but you really need to demo both and decide for yourself...
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