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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
You will pay quarterly to the state. They will send you a form would be my guess no different than they do here, asking how much the employee made for the period. Then you will pay a % of that dollar amount into them for that quarter based off the payroll dollars I believe.
If you have a accountant you can simply send your payroll to them each week and they will hold all figures until the quarterly is do, they will then figure what you need to pay in. It is not a large factor in the scheme of things so do not worry about it being too much.

My suggestion to you is to get a additional bank account set up for payroll taxes. This is what I do. Each week when I pay him I put his portion, my portion, of all taxes into it. Then when it comes time to pay the quarterly taxes it is not a unexpected expense that I have to worry about as the money is already there and accounted for. Keeps things simple.
I do al that with Quickbooks enhanced payroll. It direct connects to the state for suta / futa and to the UE offices. Files the forms and pays the money. I have to fill in few items like my NCIS number the country and stuff. other wise it takes about 2 min. I send in the payroll taxes on or about the same day as the checks are written.
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