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Originally Posted by retrodog View Post
Yeah I agree, what a piece of junk this is, I cant believe they actually expect people to pay $11500 for a mower with a cat diesel motor 18 gallon tanks, 9 quart hydro reservoir, 5 guage 1/4 solid steel deck, grammer msg65 seat, 4 rail 11 guage 2x2 frame, pro mag 250 clutch, 15mph, or a 31hp Kawasaki for $7699, or a 26hp kawasaki for $6999 with a 5 guage deck and 5400's. They are definately not gonna be in business long selling this kinda junk to people for so much money, prolly all made in indonesia then shipped to Batesville, Ar to sell. Bunch of crazy Arkansas Rednecks building a lawn mower, run far They make them too easy to work on, scares me because I have never had to work on a mower before, why would they make their's "Easy to work on"? My trailer and my mowers I picked up as demoes at the factory.
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