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Originally Posted by weaver122876 View Post
In your opinion there getting cheap in looks and quality... Ha... You ought to jump on one before you talk crazy about something... There is no comparison the new next Lazers are totally different and WAY better than the older ones... As far as the clumping... here we go again.. I do this also buddy and never have these crazy conditions like some say they have, and there are alot on here that say they don't either as far as quality of cut... But i guess just because you have JD i guess they're the best...
No need to be a jerk bro, especially when that statement is way off base.

My post wasn't aimed at you or your post. I simply anwered the OP's question with my honest opinion. Far, far too many guys on this site alone (including many who run Exmarks) know and admit they clump in the wet. It isn't just my opinion, it's fairly common knowlege. If you got offended because I posted what I see that's on you. I don't hate anyone here, nor do I have any need to rag on any other brand for no reason or just because I run something different.

I do run a Deere Z, and have owned many of their products in the past as well as the stuff I still own, but I have said openly on here many times that I will be moving to other colors when the time comes to replace any of it, so it isn't a brand loyalty thing from me here.

I am not the only one here by any stretch that feels that Exmark is cheapening the Lazer up in looks and quality more and more, and yea, I've been on one. They do have some nice features that I like, especially their seats choices, but overall I just don't care for them. I didn't finance and I could have dropped the cash on any brand I wanted to. I almost bought a TT with the 35 BB, but the JD had a few features that I wanted more, so that's why it's in my shop. It sure isn't because I like my dealer so much, or the Deere corporation for that matter.
Originally Posted by Darryl G
I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.

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