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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post

I see a lot of southern and Texas guys talking about trying to work them year round must be nice. Here the season is about to end for us in 10 more days or so we will start getting ready for spring around the first week or so of march and those 10 weeks or so in-between I have nothing for work. Oh but you could do snow work yes we could and 2 years ago it was 2-3 storms a week the entire month of January and last year it was 4 storms the entire winter. I'm guessing there would be a lack of work there.
We pretty much shut down from Christmas to mid-Jan because the guys are taking vacations. Some of them would take a whole month or more. It is getting harder and harder to let them be gone that long.

If you have commercial clients the work does slow down but you are paid year round and there is always a little something to do. There is trash pick up out of the beds, major irrigation inspection and repair for pre-spring start up.

We also spend about a week just getting the shop back in order. It also ways seems to be a mess at the end of the season.

I know your region is different but there has to be somethings you can do.

If you send them to some sort of training you can pay them minimum wage while in training. If you are a small business there is often cost sharing on training programs.

You do not have to pay the full 40 hours to keep them off UE.
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