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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
I'm very observant in most cases, Your pics show the guide is in the proper location and hasn't moved.
Well I took the complete valve train off and clean the Head(almost looks new). Got the new parts in today and will start the assembly later. Just have a few questions before I begin.

1. When looking at the guides from the topside(with the valves out so you can both sides), the exhaust valve looks like it is pushed into the head alittle bit more then the intake valve. When you turn it around and look at the guides from the rock arm side you can see that the exhaust valve has moved (millimeter movement) from the different color on the guides(heat marks/rings around the guide). Is this normal? Can I use this head?

2. Just so I understand, The new valves just need to be lapped and their ready to go? I only say this b/c I read or saw somewhere that people grind the ends down?? If this needs to be done, please explain how and why?

3. Head Gaskets only go on one way or is there a topside and bottom side??
Do you guys put any oil on the gasket to mate it to the head before installing??

Thanks for the help, and I'll keep you posted on work.
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