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Honestly you would be happy with both. Both are top of the line machines. But there are some differences you should know about. The TT's blades are run from a drive shaft and gear boxes which are industrial strength. My dealer says he has some TT's he maintains with over 7000 hours. I have personally run some with over 4000 hours. Also the Scag Velocity deck is probably the most versatile deck in the industry, it cuts very well in all conditions, especially wet. The Exmark clumps like crazy in wet and thick grass conditions, this is common knowledge on cool season grasses. Most Exmark owners will not cut in wet conditions and double cut thick grass. The reason is the grass clippings are very small and stay in the deck longer. On the flip side is the Exmark probably has the best dry/ideal cut in the industry because of the small clippings. Its a trade off. I do not know how the Exmark performs in warm season grasses.
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