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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I would have to agree that just because your solo doesn't mean your not a business owner, There are tons of people that own their own business and run it by themselves, real estate agents come to mind right away, but like MD I want more than that. I'm still struggling with the "Even for the low end guys" why do you not have a desire to make as much as you can, the saying "Profit is not a dirty word" comes to mind. Why does one feel guilty about making money? I can assure you if you go to work for the other guy he doesn't feel guilty about paying you as little as possible for as much work as possible.
who ever said I feel guilty about making money?

the desire to make as much as I can is not there because I don't desire to have the things that go along with having that money.

why make millions, spend only thousands and have the rest go to waste when I die. remember I'm single. I don't have anyone to leave money to when I die. seems like a waste to earn a bunch of extra that will go no where and a waste of time and energy earning it.
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