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Originally Posted by LibertyFarmLandscaping View Post
I would agree unless you mow alot of slopes. The TT having the fuel tank below the seat, and wider stance gives the best hillside capabilities.
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Bazinga!!!!! I definetly can see that for sure.

I guess another instance would be if you needed a little faster mower but honestly most times I hardly ever run my cat full throttle.

We actually demoed one of the turf tigers with one of the diesel engines and Ill tell ya that thing was so heavy you could run it FAST and it wouldn bounce you around bad at all compared to my cat but dog gone it was like 4K more. That and every time Id turn that thing around you would run into the stink of diesel. Some ppl love that smell but UUUggghhh. Not I!

Definetly perks to each one thats for sure!!
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