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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
who ever said I feel guilty about making money?

the desire to make as much as I can is not there because I don't desire to have the things that go along with having that money.

why make millions, spend only thousands and have the rest go to waste when I die. remember I'm single. I don't have anyone to leave money to when I die. seems like a waste to earn a bunch of extra that will go no where and a waste of time and energy earning it.
You're crazy. So you'd rather not make more money then you need to live in a basement? Wouldn't a child want to move out of their parents home and be living on their own in their own home? You'll never do that if you leave money on the table. Then again, maybe you LIKE being a grown man (if thats the case) living at home with his parents.
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