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Originally Posted by AGLA View Post
What is the project? Is it a building in a parking lot with a 5' planting bed or is there outdoor tables or something else?
right now there is 6 feet from building the curb except for a couple parts the are a little bit bigger from where the building makes some "design" turns. It is in its own free standing lot. It does have outdoor seating. There still designing the outdoor part so right now im working on the rest of the building. 2 sides of the lot back up to the woods so were not putting anything there. Hes getting some real nice custom made wood signs 4 of them 2 for the entrance and 2 for the exit so im gonna design around them. Since the front is a small hill i was thinking of building a retaining wall. It would be about 6 blocks on the low and and 8 blocks high on the high side then putting in a flower bed around the sign. I was gonna put some lights in for the sign and was maybe thinking of putting trees a couple feet behind the signs the stop the light to help show the sign even more then just put some small stuff in the front. there only really 3 spots of grass and a little in the back of the lot.

As for the outdoor area i know he wants to have alot of wood, outdoor wood fence something like a 3 rail fence around the area more for looks than anything else. The floor will be wood as well. not sure if there putting something over head or not The whole area around it is flat. I was thinking maybe just some small plants and shurbs with maybe some boulders mixed in.

Im about to head up to my nursery to start trying to get an idea of what there getting in next year. Gonna see if they can special order me anything if i want it. Once i get some plants/trees in mind im gonna draw something up and ill post a couple pictures so you can get a better idea
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