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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
Not everyone hoards money for themselves. Believe it or not, there are people who bless others with money that they make. It's not all about you and you.
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spare me your self righteous bull sheot about being a good human being and donating money to others.

i'm certainly not gonna work my tail off to make millions just to donate to others in need. if i have money leftover after i'm done working and making what i personally want to make fine. but i'm not gonna put in extra hours at work and take on extra business just to have money to donate.

find me one person who would work extra for the sole purpose of having that money to donate to others?

Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
You're crazy. So you'd rather not make more money then you need to live in a basement? Wouldn't a child want to move out of their parents home and be living on their own in their own home? You'll never do that if you leave money on the table. Then again, maybe you LIKE being a grown man (if thats the case) living at home with his parents.
where have you been all this time orange?

i'm 31, live with my parents with no free rides. spent 4 years from the age of 19-22 on my own in an apartment and moved back home. i'm single, plan to stay that way the rest of my life.

DUH i don't mind living with my parents.

i do wish you'd get off the living in the basement joke though. it's getting old considering i don't live in the basement and considering i split all utilities plus property tax and mortgage with my parents and pay a monthly rent equivalent of a one bedroom apartment.
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