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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
Bid jobs you are set up to do.
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What he said.

I'm only solo, and am much smaller in business size. But, I also have had opportunities (unsolicited) to take on jobs with larger work scope, or jobs that required equipment and experience I did now own.

I am at a season of life where I did not want to venture too far off the beaten path. While being really interested, and enticed to take on these jobs, I just decided to leave them alone. I've developed some relationships with a couple of other LCOs in my area that are better equipped to handle. I pass off these jobs to them. Sometimes they come to fruition, other times not.

As a side note, LCOs that have a few people as crew, maybe a couple of crews, and much equipment, make it a point to establish a relationship with the solo guys. I had to work at getting a business card from a couple of LCOs that I liked. I was ready to give them leads, ready to help them out, and they couldn't be bothered to go to the truck and find a business card. I only wanted to work with somebody whose work and equipment I knew. We worked properties in the same neighborhoods. Don't pass off the solo guy as being a thorn to you. He may be willing, and happy, to give you leads that you do not need to find yourself. And, if you get a lead that turns out well for you, have the courtesy of reaching back to let him know what happened. If not, he may never pass another one to you.
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