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This thread has obviously derailed from my original topic but it's ok, there were enough answers for that question....

Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
spare me your self righteous bull sheot about being a good human being and donating money to others.

i'm certainly not gonna work my tail off to make millions just to donate to others in need. if i have money leftover after i'm done working and making what i personally want to make fine. but i'm not gonna put in extra hours at work and take on extra business just to have money to donate.

find me one person who would work extra for the sole purpose of having that money to donate to others?.
I don't think someone starts a business to say to themselves "I'm going to work 80hrs/wk just so I can donate my money to someone else". What truly happens is they set out to make the most money they can because they want things or just want to prove they can build a large business. When all the effort pays off and they can afford the things they want and give their families good or easier lives they realize something else. They have it really good now and there are those less fortunate. Instead of hoarding all their money or buying more unnecessary things they realize that because of others who purchased their goods/services they became well off, wealthy, comfortable, etc... There is a feeling that they should give back to the community that supported them. It could be donating services at the holiday time such as giving Christmas trees or snow plowing for our troops who are overseas. It could be buying out all the local grocery stores turkeys during thanksgiving and donating them to soup kitchens or needy families. Or maybe it's just giving to local charities. Unless someone is just a cold hearted scrooge it feels good to give back, even if you're not wealthy. Every year I have customers send me Christmas gifts such as money or gift cards. They ALREADY pay me but feel good about giving and most of them have money. It's the grumpy miserable ones who maybe don't have enough that never give..... It's so easy to give back or just give.

Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
i do wish you'd get off the living in the basement joke though. it's getting old considering i don't live in the basement and considering i split all utilities plus property tax and mortgage with my parents and pay a monthly rent equivalent of a one bedroom apartment.
I hate to point this out but they make comedy movies about guys like you that are older living with their parents....... But I will agree that it has no effect on me. You don't live by me nor work in my neighborhoods so what you choose to do is just that, your choice. But you do open yourself up for criticism, just like anyone doing things out of the ordinary.
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