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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Seems to me that there has to be some problem with the city's plumbing for there to be that much water all the time... The simple thing to do is what is known as a perc test in which you dig a cubic foot hole and dump water into it and see what happens...

I have a lwan in which the "Topsoil" was straight red clay that formed a barrier over the sand and the lawn requires very little water as a result... When I dug into it for the first time to plant some trees, I found that,,, after a couple of inches this clay had turned rock hard and bone dry with no moisture in the sand underneath...

A test hole can show you some things... If not,,, call the city next and have them see if their plumbimg is all OK... good luck...
Why do any digging any holes or contact the purveyor before you do a water off meter test?

Photo document the meters dial indicator while water is not being used, wait 5 - 15 mins and take another pic.

If you have a difference in the position of the dial indicator or the leak detector is moving, you have a leak.

I find leaks and buried valves for a living. The toughest part of the job is educating people on simple verification tasks.

Once a leak has been verified or eliminated, proceed in the proper direction.

Drilling or digging exploration or perc holes is one direction to travel but i would call in a soils engineer to consult in any non-leak situation.
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