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This last season I pushed fertilizer and put down more than prior years combined. No license required for fert here. In Idaho we apply herbicide on a limited basis and I sprayed waaay more on my own property than for hire "when requested" [idaho loophole] ...yeah I know it violates federal law.

The weather was so uncooperative either wind or rain It was an a absolute uphill battle to spot spray much of anything with a back pack sprayer. Unless one sprays right after mowing.....supposed to wait 48 rarely ever happened.

One head applicator near retirement who works for a good sized local co. honestly leveled with me and said if we strictly followed guidelines and rules for spraying.....we'd rarely ever spray herbicides....?

I will be licensed asap for lawn but I'm still wondering how on earth I'll ever be able to spray running solo and not work 7 days a week....?
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