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Originally Posted by wegomow View Post
Many of my clients are elderly and some of them live alone. When they see me they come out and they want to talk. It starts with a question and then turns into a story telling session with one story leading into the next. Before you know it 5, 10 minutes have passed and I can't get a word in edgewise. Even when I get a chance to break in and say I enjoy talking to you but I really have a full schedule today, they acknowledge I'm on a schedule but then they keep on talking. I understand they are lonely and I really don't mind if I'm not to busy spending a little time with them. Hey, I could be the lonely old guy someday. I don't know how to break free without seeming rude. Don't know how to solve this problem.
Know the time it takes you to service the customers and have someone call your phone 5 - 10 minutes after that time. I've done this to customers after a scheduled meeting. I know the ones who have nothing better to do than talk for an hour. I have one of my guys call my phone, I tell the customer I need to take the call and excuse myself saying something came up and I need to be somewhere else RIGHT NOW. I'm sure there are other ways but this has worked for me in the past....
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