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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
One of the problems with our society now is that "kids" tend move out and away from their parents, rather than adding a wing to the house or building a house out back (or living in the basement) like they used to in "the old days." It used to be that kids stuck around and helped out their parents in their old age. Now when Mom and/or dad can no longer take care of themselves, the norm is to send them off to a convalescent home. I moved back to my home town to be closer to my parents in their old age...moving back in wasn't a very attractive option to me since I had a family and my mom drove me nuts. I'm proud of the fact that thanks largely to my committment to helping them, both of my parent's died in the comfort of their home. In fact the reason I left my former career and started my lawn care/landscaping business was to better be able to take care of my mom after my dad passed. So you won't see me faulting anyone for living with their parents...ok, I might tease a little, lol.
teasing is one thing and I can take a little teasing. it's good you brought this up because while my parents can take care of themselves now the idea is when they get older I will help them out. and what better way than to be living in the same house.

since I don't have or desire a wife or kids I can stay at home and plan to until the day my parents die.

like I said a little teasing is fine but orange and others seems to think I actually live in the basement and have a totally free ride living at home like some teenager. that's just not the case. never had been.
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