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I picked up a old National real owner some years ago. It had larger reals than this Toro. The power unit on this Toro is great but these small reels used on a average lawn will not make for a happy owner.

Reel type mowers are designer to mow every 3 day. You can not let the grass get long at all, it will clump clog and look like poop. This Toro is designed for golf cources where they mow ever 2 or 3 day. I have never heard of a LCO guy that used these like them or ever keep them for long. The last time i saw a commercial lawn mowed with reals was State Farm Corp Office lawn. It was a huge gang pull behind I asker why they stopped using it and they told me it was not really a problem with mowing every 3 day but it was the time and cost to keep the knives sharp.
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