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Originally Posted by khutch View Post
Do they mulch well?
I'm searching the forums for WALKER MB + MBS reviews.
I'm looking to demo this units and would to address issues that MB or MBS owners have with the rep.
Also, pricing info.
Yes! They mulch so well our company has gotten away from bagging or side discharging anything. We have 2 MBK's with the 48" mulching decks and 2 MBS's with the 52" rear discharge/mulch decks. The MBS is great on properties 1.5+ acres and the MB does well on anything 1.5 acres or less. Both do extremely well on hills. Too many things to brag about in words... you must demo and experience them yourself. My recommendations if you are going to buy them are: 1) Get the MBK with the 23 HP EFI with the newer 48" mulching deck 2) On the MBS get one with the 29 HP EFI, the 52" rear discharge/mulch deck, and the more aggressive style drive tires. Don't waste your money on the Diesel, light kit, or arm rest. The height adjuster kit for the 48" deck is a must. As for pricing, it will vary per dealer. I believe we paid about $8,000 for the MB 23 EFI and the MBS 29 EFI is going for around $10,600. Have fun with your demo and hit me up if you have any questions.
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