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To me, it looks like you're falling in to the trap that a lot of DIYers do when it comes to logo design and that's overdoing it with elements and colors that just don't work together.

First one is too dated, 80's airbrushed looking. The background sun's gradient will likely prove inconsistent in various applications (ie, flat color vs. 4 color process). The "I" is almost too abstract, leaving it looking more like a divider between Rad and Ant. The drop shadowing of the letters is too much and creates more a visual blur (overall fuzziness) and less a shadow or depth.

Second one also has an extremely abstract "I", this time looking more like a palm tree and less like an...Illinois...tree. Not digging the green cross, either. It looks like a sword going through the letters, which then begs the question, "What does a sword have to do with a lawn care company called "Radiant"?
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