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Originally Posted by Prime Interlock View Post
DVS: Will do, thanks.

Zedosix: New in the business but not brand new.

Tom G: Well, since I am staring out, residential clients are all I have. I do realize it's a small machine, but that's the beauty of it. I'm guaranteed to get into backyards with fences. Plus, the way they build houses these days (around my parts), you can touch both houses with your hands at the same time.

Also, Tom, you seem like you have been around a few times. My current set up is a jacked-up 150, small dump trailer, a table saw, quick-cut and a 200lb bomag tamper. Plus all the hand-tool stuff, wheelbarrow's etc...In your oppinion, what is a good progression in terms of what do I buy first.
Get the biggest skidsteer you can and maybe a trailer if you need it to haul it. That's what I tell everyone. I wouldn't be worried about fitting through fences. It will take you way less time to take a section out of the fence and put it back up and use a full size skid steer than to use a small skid and not take the fence down. I take down plenty of fences a year, its really not to difficult. If its chain link, factor in some money to get some one with the fence stretching tool (yes that real) because chain link is a b**** to put back up with out it. I do 100% residential jobs as well. And I'd say in the past 5 years we have rented a mini skid maybe steer twice.

Take the money for a new S70 and buy a used full sized skid, the biggest one that you can haul and for your application. But its really hard for me to give you good advice, I have no idea what work, job sites, economy is in your area.

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