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Drought, theft.
Then there's inattentive and/or aggressive driving.

After that dog crap doesn't even bother me.

I still remember this one customer...
He was out trying to get an estimate and we ran into it, the dog crap that is.
He was talking about how the current Lco wouldn't even pick it up...
I said, well, you know ...
As I bent over to pick it up, I could see his eyes getting REAL big!
I said all right, I won't do it now since you're here and I can see that what I was about to do would upset you but I have two dogs of my own and it doesn't bother me one bit to just pick it up and chuck it in the woods over there, now I don't mind doing it but it really is not the Lco's responsibility to do this, do you have like a hand shovel or something?

He didn't say another word.
He still has the same Lco.

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