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Originally Posted by zmelli View Post
Check this out, I picked up a new old stock/return not sure if the story Red Max HBZ2600 Blower with a 2005 build date (pre-husky) off ebay. I take it out of the box it looks like new and had a little fuel in the bulb. I put fresh fuel in it and took it out back to fire it up. The blower fired up but died when a I pulled on the throttle. After about ten minutes of tinkering I remembered this thread and decided to flip it upside down and BINGO! the Blower ran like a champ! I just need to flip it during warm-up! I figure the first owner got frustrated trying to start it so it just sat all these years, the Blower is in good hands now.
That just means you better get rid of it quick. When a machine needs to have all this kind of stuff done then it is not going to run at all conditions as it wears in. YOu just have got to buy equipment with adjustable carb.
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