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I have seen your trailer and looked you guys up....very professional looking set-up all-around (logo, trailer, website). We'd be happy to work with you! I own a growing dealership in Lakewood right off of 512/I-5 on the Steele Street Exit.

We focus mainly on pro landscape equipment and have had success adding the brands I've wanted to the store. We added Wright Stander this Summer and last month we took over Exmark for the area. We will have a good selection of demo/zero-downtime Exmark/Wright units for 2013 for whenever you'd like to try some out. Right now in Exmark I have a 36" Turf Tracer Demo and 36" Vantage Demo and next month I'll have a 36" Wright Velke Hydro Walk Behind Demo along with a 36" Fixed Deck Stander Demo. Give me a call! Nick 531.1664
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