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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
I'd tread lightly with buying "the biggest skid steer".

Actually.....I don't think I would ever advise anyone in the RESIDENTIAL landscape / hardscape industry to "buy the biggest".

Here is why:

A) In the residential world, there is reality. Reality is - if the machine is too big - it ain't going to work. It's gonna be too tight. You'll end up knocking decks down. Damaging A/C units. And so forth.

Our rubber tire skid steers are classified as 'Full Size Skid Loaders'. Weighing around 7000#. I don't want any skid loader that is one inch longer and/or one inch wider.

B) Bigger machines require bigger trailers. And bigger trailers may require a Class A license. Although not too sure about Canada. Because I'm American. Not Canadian.

I look for the smallest machine that can lift 3000#.

Couldn't of said it better my self (obviously) haha, especially that last line. Our machines are all rated to lift 3000# and they are perfect for what we do. Anything more is over kill. I guess I just assumed someone starting out wouldn't have the funds to get a full size skid. Bad assumption... I remember our first skid steer was a old bobcat 743, it wouldn't lift a full pallet, so we had to unload half of each pallet onto another pallet. Not fun... But you have to start with something, I just think a machine that is rated to lift 700# is way too small to start out with. My opinion is you will most likely regret it.

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