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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
The amount of force needed to operate the recent scag WB hydro is just ridiculous. They need to go over and see how Snapper took care of getting pistol forces down. Our old Scag aren't too bad but new ones are bad.
And they need to put the floating deck back on. Don't tell me about that stupid homeowner thing they came out with.
Actually I never even thought about that! Yeah its been a while since Ive owned a scag wb but yeah I forgot they don't have the floating deck. definetely a drawback.

Ultimate trim mower to me would be 48" FLOATING velocity deck, ecs type controls, hydro of course..............

a long time ago I bought a brand new 52" scag wb hydro. it was the deck prior to the velocity. It still had that sloped nose though on front of the deck. Worse cutting machine I had ever owned. I took a major but woopen on that machine and sold it for WAY less that i had in it and it only had 80 something hours. and yes your right, my shoulders and forearms were like something off of an ape!!! controls were very very hard to pull in and even with callused hands it would tear the hell out of your hands.

I just keep thinking that if they can come up with a mower that had better controls id be interested because that deck is just nothing like ive ever owned before. I used to double cut A LOT!. now its very LITTLE. We don't use my exmark 48 with trivantage much but on the jobs we do use it on you best just get comfortable behind it because you are gonna be double cutting. After the double though it does look nice. Time is money though!
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