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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
That is a good strategy if you a rapport with the manager and don't plan on bidding or taking over the job. It gives you an idea on what your market is and how to bid other commercial accounts appropriately while knowing a little about your competition.

I don't think it is a good approach is you are seriously wanting the job and the manager knows you want the job. I highly doubt you would be getting 100% honest answers. You come off as being desperate. They might be thinking "If he is so great and busy, why is he coming around trying to steal jobs"

A different approach could be simply asking if their current service to their satisfaction.

Beating the current companies bid by a few dollars isn't going to get you far if they are already satisfied with who they are using
I guess i should throw out partly what i do when randomly visiting places... I do walk in, introduce myself and what im doing there. Then ask if theyre happy with the current company. If they say for the most part, then i go into well whats some things you dont like, then it goes where it goes from there.. If they say theyre not happy then i move into a big personal sales role. Later in the convo when theres been laughs and they feel comfortable with me do i inquire about the price. Around here all they want is to save money and have communication... And as long as i can make good money and still take the right ime to do the job then im good with it. Several places i didnt even bid because the price has been shattered.

Always a lesson, never a failure.
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