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Originally Posted by TXNSLighting View Post
Ive thought about the sales rep approach... Hows that working and how do you base his pay?
It works out Ok, all sales reps are different. Some are better then others. Some are good at getting new clients some are good at selling to existing clients.
There are a lot of different ways that people pay. A skilled sales rep will take a low salary with high commission as oppose to a not so skilled rep that will take a higher salary and a lower commission. But everyones different , there are skilled reps that want a secure and steady paycheck so they take the higher salary.
I met a guy that was in construction, and as a side job he was sort of a sales rep. He would charge the landscaper 50% of what the property would pay for the first month as a finders fee. All he would do was get people in the door and make a killing on the side from his everyday job.
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