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We've never installed, but I live near a plant that makes it. Also seen a few installs. IMO it is very busy looking and does not give a soothing feel. My concern though from the beginning has to do with surface deterioration. I find it all too common for manufactured veneer stone and the new style of manufactured wall and paver stone surfacing to be insufficient in dealing with the elements long term in northern climates when exposed. The manufactures can specify uses, add disclaimers, place warnings about things like deicers, horizontal exposures, etc. but at the end of the day if a client has shelled out 20K for a job and it fails in 10 years because of improper installation, care, or design they will not remember the preliminary meetings with the contractor. Instead they will be hooting and hollering about how the brand "X" stone failed and looks like someone mortared crushed stone to the surface. From my experience locally it looks like the stone in question uses these new surfacing techniques on the exterior finish. I guess time will tell. My point is the price of manufactured materials has gone up quite a bit, and lately it seems like you can have a true stone material placed for not much more than a manufactured product. Obviously this varies, but there generally is not that large difference in price there used to be.
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