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Love the logo threads. For the love of God spend the $100 and have someone who knows what they are doing take care of it for you. It is going to represent your company for years to come!

News flash! Just because we can do wonderful things with lawns and landscapes doesn't mean we are experts at everything. Then we go to our lawn care peers for advice on logos, cracks me up. Why not find some logo "experts" and run it by them?

We are service companies and I am amazed at how often other service companies are not hired to help us (logo designer in this case). Can you do a better job than a homeowner on their lawn? Yes, because you are a pro! If everyone did everything themselves we wouldn't have jobs!

The amount of time you may spend on the logo to truly get it right would better off spent perfecting a business process, budgeting or about 500 other things that will put more cash in your pocket than what it costs to have a pro logo.

I do realize it is fun to do something different like logo design. Thinking about business all year gets old and playing logo designer is a nice change of pace.

I read these all year and about once a year I can't hold it in any longer. Sorry your thread was the one I replied to. Please hire a pro, you will be glad you did.

Ok, rant over. Happy holidays!
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