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Originally Posted by RodneyK View Post
News flash! Just because we can do wonderful things with lawns and landscapes doesn't mean we are experts at everything. Then we go to our lawn care peers for advice on logos, cracks me up. Why not find some logo "experts" and run it by them?
He did as I am.

I agree that if you don't have the skills, please hire it out. It is the face of your company and brand. If you want to DIY it, scratch your creative itch, but hand it off for final design and proper formatting.

As for asking peers for advice, there's no harm in it, and those of us who have been here for a while know that the review request season has officially begun. Sometimes they do get detailed advice from people that are actually logo/design/branding "experts", and not just "It's great!" or "Bro, it sucks!".
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