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I do not review anything at the end of the year in terms of individual jobs. Now reviewing expenses such as insurance, phone, tool, etc., I might look at numbers and see if there is anywhere I can save money. I switched insurance companies about 3 years ago and I'm paying about $2500.00 less per year.

As far as individual jobs, Lets use racing as an example. No matter how you finish that race, whether you came in third, last, or first - you're always trying to improve.

So I have a system that I crafted over the course of about 8 years where I can track each job as its being performed and I know if we're making or losing money. If my individual jobs are losing money then I know the business is in trouble. If the jobs are making money - then the business is doing well. But just because I make money on jobs doesn't mean I'm hot to trot. Because if I just bought a $65k truck - that monthly payment might ruin me.

After 22 yrs in business and 16.5 years in hardscaping I usually know if each job is on track without a computer. But you need to know on a job to job basis as they're performed because if something is wrong you need to figure out what it is and how to correct it. You could be under estimating materials and or production hrs. Or you may be over estimating, and if you know you're over estimating you may see that you have room to estimate less, offer a more competitive price, and sells more jobs.

I use QB Pro, so I can click on reports, click on profit summary, and see how the business is doing at anytime. I'm pretty good at reconciling the bank statements on a monthly basis and staying on top of the data entry.
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