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Originally Posted by Mdirrigation View Post
was there a master valve ? If so the water bill would be their problem , since it would be programing . My phone always rings off the hook when the water bills come out , 95% of the time the controller is programed either too long or has multible start times programed in by the customer . Once someone else repairs or attempts a repair , warranty is void .
My personal favorite is when you get this call:

"Umm yes, YOU installed MY sprinkler system about a year ago and told me I have 9 zones. I can only program 4 start times and I can only run each zone a maximum of 12min and 59sec (12:59), then it starts back at 1min (1:00)and the system now runs all the time like it has a mind of it's own. I thought you were a good guy but you screwed me."

Me- "Ma'am, I believe you are setting start times, which begins a program. You adjust individual run times when the dial is turned to 'Run Time."

"Oh, I am sorry. Thanks Bye!"
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