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Yes, good point. There are some on here that do know what they are talking about and many others that think they do. Weeding it out can be tricky.

The other tricky thing for some guys doing their own is they over estimate what they think they know as well as become attached to their design. Kind of like the homeowner who wants their grass cut shorter than it should be because they think it is better to cut it shorter. They think they know but they don't. It is hard not to spend time on something you create and be open about it. I don't think handing off something at the end for tweaking is a good plan either. They will make it the best it can be but it probably won't be as nice if they took it from the beginning and created the whole thing. Kind of like us taking over an abused lawn. For a while all we can do is make it look as good as we can. If we had the lawn from the beginning we may have chosen a different grass seed, graded it differently, not created awkward mowing situations, kept up on maintenance, etc. and it would look a 100 times better.

For what it is worth, having worked in advertising and marketing managing 1000s of projects, working day to day with graphic designers and creative directors I have seen that the best outcomes are when the designers are given basic info and then turned loose. Much better results than when a marketing director or client dictates colors, fonts, graphic elements, etc. The best advice I can give if you are serious about logo development is to go to a pro with a strong portfolio and let them run the show. Like if you want the best lawn you go to a true pro and let them run the show.

Review season is here, may be time for me to take a break...
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