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you guys are ridiculous. The man asked for an opinion between two machines. something that looks cheap is personal opinion. I hate the way some cars look and others love them. Bottom like is I know that both machines are durable, long lasting and built well, depending on how you maintain them. I lean towards exmark but I do own a scag as well. Both are good machines. Any mower will clump to some degree when trying to cut 1 foot tall soaking wet fescue. You shouldn't be cutting that **** when it's soaking wet anyways! As far as warm season grass, the exmark has a serious quality cut. That's pretty much the only grass we cut down here in Georgia. I feel like either mower will produce good results if your visiting the properties weekly. I say go with an exmark, I have never had a serious problem out of my fleet. This forum is crazy sometimes because ill post things about exmark navigators and its like everyone runs. If the post isn't about a walker or any other mower besides exmark, No one will even pay it any attention. everyone raves about the walker and great it is and how the navigator is a POS! But what's funny is if you go to the machanic forum, every other question is about how to fix a walker problem. I would suggest demoing each unit and making a choice on what best suites you. Everyone on this forum is in a pissing match with each other. Happy Friday!! Lol
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