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Our issue is....making a living. We charge anywhere from $200-$475 for leaf clean ups. Basically the going rate here in NJ. It takes at least 4 hrs to complete a clean up properly.

We try to take 1 or 2 laborers, which costs us $10/hr. for each laborer also the going rate here in NJ. By the time we finish our cleanups and pay for fuel our employees are making more than us? I don't get it? Feels like no matter how hard we try just spitting in the wind.

Much of the day is wasted going to get the trailer which is about 20 min. away from us (no where else to put and it's free). Then we waste more time dumping constantly as we are using an 8ft. bed (dump truck not working) Btw most times for cleanups we use the mower to mulch it down and blow it onto tarps and empty into the truck.

Any ideas besides buying new equipment since it just isn't in the budget right now?
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