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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
The Exmark Turf Tracers are good machines but I'm not sure the deck would be the greatest where you are...wet a lot right? I hear good things about the new Scags decks not clumping in wet condtions.

You have Exmark dealers nearby and one of them is also a Husqvarna dealer too...Steel Street Power Equipment in Lakewood.
That's us. And honestly, given that we bag everything 24/7, I've never had a Landscaper complain about clumping issues ever about any brand. Who cares if it clumps if it's just being thrown into an Accelerator/Gobbler??

We don't even get complaints about older Wright decks that get thrashed on here from folks in some areas for quality of cut issues. Wright and Exmark and number one around and two around here and I'm happy to have them both!

To us it's all about making sure you have the "Super" High Lift blades. We used to be a Scag dealer a while back and Scag does make an extremely good bagging blade for 36" mowers. However, we just sell now sell the aftermarket version that will fit. We don't ever even let new Wrights/Exmarks leave with the OEM blades.

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