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Hey guys PC landscaping here. Just wanted to let you guys know my strategy and the success it has. Basiclly my marketing strategy is selling customers on mulch. I go into the higher end neighborhoods and knock on doors where it looks like they need mulch. All i do is knock on their door and step back about 10 feet to make them feel safe when answering the door. Once they answer the door i say "I'm sorry to bother you but I have a crew of guys working in the neighborhood and we're laying down some mulch for a client and we just finished and have a whole trailer full of it left...and all im doing is going through the neighborhood looking at homes that seem like they could really use it...and your yard kinda stuck out. Right now we are pulling weeds and trimming bushes for free if you let us install the mulch." Then i shut my mouth and either they say "no thank you" or they say "how much will the mulch cost me?" If they ask how much then i tell them "We charge $8 a bag and that includes the Prep, Mulch, and labor and if you give me 1 minute ill tell you how many bags it will take"...then i step back and look at their garden area and estimate in my head how many bags it would take...usually a small job is anywhere between 30-50 bags. Then i tell them the price and make sure to let them know that they are getting more than just mulch...they are getting their bushes trimmed and weeds pulled....normally a small job for me is 40 bags...and going door to door i sell a minimum of 500 bags a week...even during winter. The profit is selling it by the bag and buying it by the yard. I can get 40 bags out of 1 yard of mulch at $8 a bag. Saturdays are the bread and butter days because people are home all day...i remember one saturday i sold 400 bags in 1 day at $8 a bag...thats $3200 and it cost me about $500 in materals for all the jobs. We also do stonework and once i sell a customer on mulch thats just getting my foot in the door with them...once i land the job then i pitch them on all kinds of other hardscapes...stone,plants,retaining walls. I have had extremely good success with this and 99% of the time if you are friendly and apoligize for bothering them at home then they are really cool about it. Just yesterday i sold a guy on mulching his front yard...told him it would take 80 bags at $8 a bag and made $640 and it took me 2 yards of mulch at $30 a yard to do the i profited about $580 for 2 hours of work...then after we finished he asked if we do stone work and i told him yes so he took me out back and i sold him on a retaining wall and some flagstone and quoted him at $6500. Usually about once a month of going door to door ill land 1 big hardscape job along with all the other little mulch jobs. So i tell you all this to say that going door to door is one of the best marketing strategies for an up and coming company...dont ever let anybody tell you otherwise. I am 23 years old and have only been doing this for a year...a buddy of mine taught me everything and now im trying to build up my business. One thing to remember is people love to hear the word "free" so when selling them on mulch always mentions that you will trim the bushes and pull the weeds for free if they let you install the mulch. And also when i sell a customer on stonework like stone borders...i charge $13 a linear foot and usually i will tell them that if they let me lay their stone then ill cut them half off on the mulch. The profit margin is so big with the mulch that you can come down on the price to land the sale and still make really good money. So out of 1 yard of mulch at a cost of $30 you can sell 40 bags at $8 a bag for $320.

Keep ur head up and keep goin door to door...sounds like your really doing great!
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