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Haha, that's halarious, about the photos. No, I've done a few now and believe me, I'm not coming on here to try to impress someone. I just wanted some advice, and I got some. Thank you to all who took the time to respond, I appreciate it.

In my area, my limited experience has shown me that we basically live in clay, and trust me, I've done it with the shovel a few days. The good part about it is you can eat like crap when you're working like that and still loose weight That's about the only benefit other than not breaking buried lines.

I'm hoping I can bring my truck through one more season. I put 3/4 tonne suspension on it and I have a 3-tonne dump trailer. My truck is rated to tow about 5500-6000 lbs. If I don't overload it, I should be alright. But I am aware its not meant to be stressed like that. I've already broken brake lines, had to change rotors, pads, calipers,etc...All of this of course just adds to your argument and I agree, I need a beast. Wish I had the cash. Nothing's cheap, that's for sure. I came in here knowing I'd have to pay the piper.

Others may not agree with me and I respect that, never said they had to.

I will probably do it like this:

1) Truck
2) Mini-Ex
3) Skid steer
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