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My company really doesnt mow lawns or do maintanance right now but we are thinking about getting into it. i cant tell you how many times ive sold a mulch job and the client ask about setting up a maintenance plan for mowing and such. But right now with selling the mulch and doing the stone work i just dont see the money in mowing lawns unless you have 100+ accounts...i dont like the idea of mowing a yard for $25 when i make such good profit on the mulching and hardscapes. Plus with the mulch you dont need a whole bunch of equipment. All u need is a truck, wheelbarow, shovel, trimmers, and some garbage bags. A trailer is not completely essential with the mulching because you can fit 2 yards of mulch in the back of a truck bed. But once you get going then a trailer is definately good to have...but you dont need it to get started.
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